Maestro White MOP R

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Maestro White MOP R

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There are makers who can produce pens with short-cut pieces of mother of pearl. However, we believe that the hard-to-achieve aesthetics of single-cut long panels of mother of pearl of oceanic origin create a stunning effect that is worth all of the work it involves.

It was very challenging for our design team to find a solution on how to produce an entire pen from these single-cut long panels of mother of pearl. Not only was the cost of sourcing the longest saltwater white mother of pearl available a serious issue, but also the technical skill involved with carefully cutting each panel in an ideal straight line, cementing each panel on the barrel, and then polishing each barrel to ensure an ideally round object was the greatest obstacle of all ( see the video/images).

However, we believed that it was still possible to overcome these obstacles. The inspiration for this was the example of the pen that was made in France based on the principles of Nicolas Bion, the royal instrument craftsman to King Louis XIV and one of the earliest known European fountain pen artisans (see the image).

In 2018 Xezo embarked on this project, but it wasn't until 2020 that we were able to overcome technical issues and produce the first batch of 700 fountain pens and 400 rollerball pens. Each of these very unique pens are serialized and entirely handmade from single-cut panels of saltwater origin white mother of pearl. The mother of pearl we use is a natural material, and every panel is unique. Due to this, some distinctions in the colors and textures in these pens may occur, helping make your pen one of a kind.

Each pen has 18K gold-plated brass fittings and a grip section that is layered in .999 platinum. This rollerball pen comes with a fine-point refill.

We truly hope that this pen will be a reflection of the connoisseur’s taste of its owner.

Model Name Maestro White MOP R
UPC 860003871911
Line Width Fine (0.6 mm)
Body Solid brass with handmade long panels of saltwater (oceanic origin) white mother of pearl
Features Long single-cut panels white mother of pearl prepared by hand, a rare and hard-to-achieve feature.
18k gold-plated brass fittings with a .999 platinum-layered grip section.
Every pen is unique and serialized.
Screw-on cap with screw-on posting.
Fittings 18k gold-plated brass fittings with a .999 platinum-plated grip section
Diameter 12 mm
Length Posted 167 mm / 6.57 in
Length Capped 145 mm / 5.71 in
Weight 45.35 g / 1.60 oz
Packaging Pen, gift box, pen pouch, 1 extra refill, certificate, and 3-year warranty card
Refills Xezo Rollerball Cartridges
Warranty Every Xezo writing instrument is guaranteed against all defects in workmanship and parts for 3 years from date of sale. Additional 2-year and 4-year warranty coverage plans can be purchased separately from Xezo.

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