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Maestro® 18K Gold Plated Fountain Pen (Medium Nib) - Oceanic White Mother of Pearl

Maestro® 18K Gold Plated Fountain Pen (Medium Nib) - Oceanic White Mother of Pearl

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Product Description

Each pen has 18K gold-plated brass fittings and a grip section that is layered in .999 platinum. This fountain pen is fitted with a medium-point silky smooth stainless steel nib.

Mother of pearl is not only beautiful—it’s also known as one of the most durable natural materials. Xezo uses a grade of nacre (mother of pearl) with a hardness of 4.5 on the Mohs scale. For comparison, a fingernail has a hardness of 2.5, a knife’s steel blade has a hardness of 5.5, and copper or brass have a hardness of 3. We use this toughest grade of mother of pearl in our luxury pens because we believe that the best gift is one that represents enduring love and care. Since the mother of pearl we use is a natural material, every panel is unique, and some variations in the colors and textures in these pens may occur, helping make your pen one of a kind.

Xezo's Maestro writing instruments collection is fit for royalty, inspired by the pens created by Nicolas Bion, the royal instrument craftsman to King Louis XIV in France, and one of the earliest known European fountain pen artisans.

While Xezo could have produced pens with short-cut panels of mother of pearl, we felt that this wouldn't fully capture the natural beauty of the nacre. Our design team knew that producing an entire pen from single-cut long panels of saltwater mother of pearl would create the luxurious aesthetic that we strive for. However, the process to produce such a pen is difficult to achieve.

At first, it seemed that the obstacles might be too great to achieve our goal: sourcing the longest saltwater white mother of pearl available, cultivating the technical skills to carefully cut each panel in an ideal straight line, affixing each panel securely onto the barrel, and then hand-polishing each barrel to ensure a perfectly round and silky smooth surface. However, our design team worked tirelessly from 2018 to 2020 to overcome these technical challenges, until we were able to produce first batch of 700 fountain pens and 400 rollerball pens. Browse our videos to watch the steps involved in producing this unique pen, as well as the beauty of the final product.


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Product Specifications (Click to expand / hide)

Model Name Maestro White MOP FM
Body Solid brass barrels
Body Features - Long, single-cut handmade panels of white mother of pearl
- Mother of pearl is saltwater (oceanic origin) grown
- Smooth, rounded shell
Cap Closure Screw cap
Color White Mother of Pearl
Diameter 12 mm
Fittings 18k gold, pure .999 platinum-plated brass
Length (Capped) 145 mm / 5.71 in
Length (Posted) 174 mm / 6.85 in
Line Width Medium (0.5 mm)
Nib Two-tone stainless steel nib
Other Features Every pen is unique and serialized
Packaging Gift box, 4 cartridges, piston converter, certificates, and 3-year warranty card
Pen Type Fountain
Refill Standard international / European fountain ink refill cartridge
UPC 860003871904
Warranty Every Xezo writing instrument is guaranteed against all defects in workmanship and parts for 3 years from date of sale. Additional 2-year and 4-year warranty coverage plans can be purchased separately from Xezo.
Weight 1.59 oz / 45.08 g

  • Important Product Information

    • Avoid storing your fountain pen upside down (with the nib pointing down). You could damage your nib and cause ink to pool or leak in the cap. It is best to store your fountain pen with the nib pointing up or horizontally.
Angled 3D front view of the Maestro White MOP F fountain pen

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The Xezo Maestro® Series luxury pens are a testament to timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. These exquisite writing instruments seamlessly blend classic design with modern sophistication. We handcraft each pen in the Maestro® Series meticulously. Featuring lustrous barrels made from precious materials like sterling silver, exquisite resins, or rich lacquer finishes. Xezo is currently one of the leading producers of uniquely handcrafted Pāua abalone and oceanic white mother of pearl pens.

The attention to detail extends to the meticulously engraved patterns and intricate motifs that adorn these pens. With smooth, responsive nibs and the option for customization, the Maestro® Series offers a writing experience that is both luxurious and tailored to individual preferences. These pens are not just instruments; they are symbols of refined taste and a commitment to excellence.

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