Collection: Tahitian Black Mother of Pearl

Tahitian black mother-of-pearl is special due to its natural dark color, luster, surface quality, and durability. Due to their innate beauty and rarity, Tahitian black mother of pearl is highly prized in the realm of fine jewelry. They are found exclusively in the warm waters of the South Pacific, particularly within French Polynesia.

Its most distinctive characteristic lies in the natural, dark coloration, which reflects a mesmerizing array of hues in the light. The overtones in Tahitian black mother of pearl panels can range from a subtle hint of green or blue to vibrant and exotic shades of peacock, aubergine, or pistachio. Xezo celebrates their natural beauty by meticulously hand-polishing these exceptionally long and thick nacre panels to bring out their captivating colors. Their color and darkness vary, so if you would prefer the darkest shade of mother of pearl, please include this request when placing an order.