About Xezo

Some of the Members of our Team

Xezo (pronounced “Zee-zo”)

Where does the name Xezo come from? In 2001, Xezo's founder was struggling to find a name that fit the brand, and had almost given up when the name "Xezo" came to him in a dream. He knew right away that this name conveyed the essence of the Xezo brand: luxury products for individuals who appreciate striking designs and traditional “Old World” craftsmanship. The capital "X" in our logo is modeled after the naturally occurring patterns found on river stones; a testament to the beauty and durability of the natural materials we use. 

We follow this credo: To produce sensibly priced, high-quality, handcrafted luxury items in limited quantities. We make our luxury items with lustrous mother of pearl originating from natural sea and ocean saltwaters, solid 925 sterling silver, 18-karat gold, sapphire crystals, solid titanium, brass, surgical grade stainless steel, and many other exceptional materials.

To achieve high aesthetics in products’ we believe that the product produced must exhibit high quality of materials and craftsmanship. We engage in limited edition productions that assure rigorous quality controls. Our products all have a very substantial amount of manual labor that goes into manufacturing, and QA.

We want every product to be a unique and affordable gift.

We create each of our timepieces, writing instruments, leather goods and eyewear models to reflect the skill and care of our artisans. Our luxury goods are known for their distinctive colors, striking finishes and luxurious materials. 


Xezo Fine Writing Instruments

We loving handcrafting all our pens. We create limited edition productions, with most models limited to 500 pieces per model. With us, you can write with a quality writing instrument made with beautiful materials like hand-inlaid acrylic, precious mother of pearl, sparkling sterling silver, and vibrant layered lacquer.
Our designs come in a range of stylistic themes; our inspiration comes from artistic movements like Art Deco, Classical Greek, Ancient Roman, Art Nouveau, and Retrofuturism to cater to your many different tastes and moods.

Pen production involves the meticulous calibration of the materials’ weight to create a feeling of perfect balance in writing. We select specific hues of Pantone colors in natural sunlight, thus assuring a uniquely vibrant finish. Our pens go through many unique and proprietary finishing processes to enhance durability and aesthetic appearance. The result? Assurance that you are purchasing impeccably high-end products.

Fine Writing Instruments History

From the original series of Maestro pens in 2003 that showcased various types of natural abalone shell to our current Maestro series that combines hand-guilloche 925 sterling silver with oceanic varieties of abalone, we have been a brand whose hallmark difference is its focus on manufacturing items with natural components that are both beautiful and durable. In 2021, our Visionary series of pens introduced a proprietary hand-lacquering application process on metal. 

We believe that quality materials, comfortable functionality, and assurance in durability must be inseparable. We highlight the inherent beauty of materials like oceanic white mother of pearl and Tahitian black mother of pearl, especially when paired with precious metals like 925 sterling silver, pure platinum, and 18 karat gold. Key inner components are made in Germany, Switzerland, and Japan.

It would not be right if we didn’t mention and express our gratitude for the skills and efforts from our team of artisans. These special people with careful hands and eyes for quality work create our unique products. Our artisans are masters of their craft.

Quality testing to ensure pens write smoothly

Xezo Exquisite Timepieces

Timepieces reflect more than just superb watch design. They reflect the philosophy that time is not merely expressed as an hour, a minute or a second. Time is continuity, evolving into various forms that can create harmony or create contrast. Together, these forms express the unique dynamics in every watch design.

We believe production should follow design form, not the other way around. You will find our luxury goods exclusive in every aspect. We limit production to 500 pieces for most models.

The birth of each watch begins in the United States, where our designer’s imagination creates a masterpiece. Our design process takes us many months. It starts with the selection of overall dimensions for the case and band that will be pleasing to the eye.

Timepieces Processes

We choose precise Pantone colors for dials, then we match the right shape of the numerals and hands for dials. After we creat a composite drawing, we adjust design elements to make an overall balanced product. A technical drawing is produced to reflect the exact size and specifics of each part.

Then precision engineering takes over, starting with the creation of molds for both case and band, followed by stamping and precision CNC (computer numerical control) cutting of casing and band links. The careful polishing of parts completes this production phase.

We make our watches with state of the art manufacturing facilities known for their strictly controlled fabrication processes (including dust free assembling). Our team inspects each part of a timepiece numerous times during its production to detect imperfections. We give special attention to repeated water-resistance tests as well. After all the watch cases are tested the assembling process begins. Finally, each watch undergoes a final water-resistance test before passing inspection. This acute attention to detail ensures the quality and value of our watches will truly stand the test of time.

Xezo Fashion Sunglasses

We use only high-quality materials such as pure titanium (above 99.3% pure which we stamp as 100% titanium), gold-plated steel, and various lightweight metal alloys to make our luxury eyewear. We limit production to 500 pieces for most models. Every frame undergoes rigorous testing to ensure quality soldering, finishing and grooving. It is noteworthy that metal in our pure titanium sunglasses is certified and undergo a chemical test.
We make our polarized lenses of scratch resistant polycarbonate material that offers above 99% protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Some models feature anti-reflection coating on lenses. On most models, the sun lenses in the frame can be replaced with prescription lenses by an optician, should this ever be required. Our sunglasses make an excellent accessory for hiking, fishing, golf and driving. With so many different sunglasses in the Xezo eyewear collection, you're sure to find more than a few unique styles to fit your individual taste.