Xezo - Maestro White MOP FPM

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Xezo Maestro® White MOP FPM

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This product has been retired and is no longer available for purchase.

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The Maestro® Platinum and White Mother of Pearl series of handcrafted fountain pens are produced in a limited edition. Each pen is individually numbered. The design concept was inspired by Neoclassicism and was based on the principles of simplicity and symmetry, which were observed in the arts of Rome and Ancient Greece. As result lighter color palettes were used for finishes. The slightly curved lower barrel is made with long panels of natural New Zealand white mother of pearl and is adorned with Greek key bands. The production of the lower barrel from natural white mother of pearl is art in itself. In order to produce the silky smooth finish and the richness of the mother of pearl colors, the barrels are manually polished in several stages. This process takes around 2 weeks to complete, in order to bring out the unique colors of the material. All metal fittings are solid brass with 18-karat gold and platinum plating. The German-made MEDIUM size nib is fitted with an iridium point. The screw -on cap is produced from solid brass and plated in pure Platinum with mirror finish. The hand-crafted and polished clip is produced in a wave-like shape. All metal parts have several layers of clear lacquers applied on top of the original finish for protection. The end result of these elaborate efforts, is an object of art polished to perfection, and adorned with shimering, iridescent natural mother of pearl, a Platinum finish, and 18-karat gold accents. No two pens are exactly alike. The panels of white mother of pearl range from white to golden with red, green or blue overtones. The white mother of pearl is a natural material; therefore, some distinctions in the texture of this material may occur. These distinctions and variations in texture are not defects, but rather natural attributes which add beauty and uniqueness to each of these pens.

The production of each Xezo pen model is limited to 500 pieces or less (excluding some series, such as the Maestro Sea Shell FPG/B/RPG and the Legionnaire). Each Xezo pen is a handcrafted collectible item and an exceptional gift for a pen collector—one day destined to become a vintage heirloom.

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