Xezo - Maestro BW MOP R

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Maestro BW MOP R

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This product has been retired and is no longer available for purchase.

The Maestro Series pens were produced in limited editions of 500 pieces per style.

The overall design concept utilizes Art Deco style based on natural colors and shapes of Mother of Pearl panels.
We used the finest natural white and black Mother-of-Pearl from New Zealand and Tahiti in their respective variations.
Imagine holding in your hands a work of art made of precious, glowing iridescent natural white and black Mother-of-Pearl,
polished to perfection. The special black Mother-of-Pearl panels range from gray to black with red, green or blue overtones.
The edges of the barrel of each pen are hand-finished and smoothly rounded on the outside. No two pens are exactly alike.
Each pen is individually numbered. Fittings are .999 platinum plated. Due to the hand-crafting process involved in the production
of each of our mother-of-pearl pens, the weight of each pen will vary slightly. White and black Mother-of-Pearl are natural materials;
therefore, some distinctions in the texture of these materials may occur. These distinctions and variations in texture are not defects,
but rather natural attributes which add beauty and uniqueness to each of these handcrafted pens.

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