Xezo - Front view of the Medium Fountain Nib with gold-plated body, stainless steel tines, and platinum-plated grip section. Compatible with Maestro 925 Sterling Silver and Incognito 925 Sterling Silver fountain pens. The body of the nib has motif patterns.

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Medium Fountain Nib - Maestro® 925 Sterling Silver and Incognito 925 Sterling Silver Pens

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Gold plated stainless steel MEDIUM line nib in all platinum-plated grip section. Made in Germany.
Fits only Maestro® 925 Sterling Silver and Incognito 925 sterling silver models with both barrels made of silver below:

IT WILL NOT FIT ANY OTHER XEZO PEN MODEL. Please contact us if you need help or clarification for selecting the right nib.

Tip Type Fountain, Medium Point
Fittings Gold-plated stainless steel nib, platinum-plated grip section
Compatible With

Full 925 sterling silver-barreled Incognito and Maestro pens:Incognito 925 Sterling Silver F, Incognito 925 Sterling Silver F-2, Maestro™ 925 Sterling Silver EF, Maestro™ 925 Sterling Silver F-1, Maestro™ 925 Sterling Silver F-2

This tip is not compatible with the Maestro™ 925 models with shell or mother of pearl inlay, any of the older Maestro models (13 mm to 15 mm diameter), the Maestro LeGrand, or the Maestro Tungsten series of pens.

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