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Xezo Speedmaster™ 6126 Blue Rollerball Refills - Pack of 2

Xezo Speedmaster™ 6126 Blue Rollerball Refills - Pack of 2

SKU: Blue 6126 Rollerball Refills

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Product Description

2 Xezo Speedmaster™ rollerball pen refills.
Blue ink. German-made. Fine point. Writing point is 0.5-0.6 mm.

Length: 112.7 mm (11.27cm) / 4.43 in. Diameter: 6.2 mm (0.62cm) / 0.24 in.
The approximate writing length per each refill is 1,000 m / 3,280 ft / 0.62 mi.

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Product Specifications (Click to expand / hide)

Model Name Blue 6126 Rollerball Refills
Color Blue
Pen Type Rollerball
Refill Standard sized rollerball refill
UPC 856469005663
Warranty Please contact us if you encounter an issue or defect with this part.

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