Xezo Product Spotlight: Visionary Red/Black Fountain Pen

Xezo Product Spotlight: Visionary Red/Black Fountain Pen

Hello, Xezo community!

Today we wanted to showcase one of our newer items: the Visionary Red/Black FM, a luxurious medium nib fountain pen (0.5 mm line). Upon request, we can substitute the nib for a fine point (0.35 mm) nib instead. This model is serialized in a limited edition of 500 pieces; although it is one of our newer productions of pens, it is quickly becoming one of our more popular items.



The Xezo Visionary series of pens is especially visually striking. The first thing people notice about these pens are the split design, where two different colors of lacquer have been applied to the body by hand. These colors initially appear to be divided in the middle by a chrome line. However, once the pen is uncapped and posted, or recapped at the other starting point, the colors change to a checkerboard pattern.




This particular model combines onyx black and warm brick red colors. Other models in the Visionary series of pens combine aspen gold and red (in fountain or ballpoint), teal green and white, red and blue, or white and sky blue (in fountain or ballpoint). As of this writing, an unreleased speed yellow and black color combination is coming soon in fountain and ballpoint versions! Rollerball versions should also be available within the next few months.


A selection of Xezo Visionary pens; from the left to the right: Aspen Yellow & Red, Sky Blue & White, Red & Black, Teal & White, and Red & Blue 


When we showcased this series at the 2021 DC Pen Show, a couple of writing instruments fans commented that this changing pattern reminded them of a royal coat of arms or a fast sports car. The pen surely does make a statement that is both colorful and commanding at the same time. Getting this design to look and work just right took more than two years of development, but we think it was worth it for the effect it has.


Visionary pens feature substantial bodies with sturdy look and feel. This model measures at a length of 159 mm (6.26 in) while capped and 147 mm (5.79 in) when posted, with a diameter of 13.5mm.

Although the Visionary is a bigger pen, it is not overly heavy or unwieldy. These pens have brass bodies complemented by shiny chrome-plated aluminum fittings. This particular model weighs 42 grams (or 1.48 ounces), so it’s a great writing companion to take with you wherever you’d like to go. Due to the ergonomic design, this pen model may be one of our most comfortable yet.


The fountain nib versions of the Visionary series feature a 0.5 mm (medium tip) stainless steel nib with an iridium point. The nib writes smoothly, and the weight balancing of the barrel helps make the writing experience comfortable and easy. (Note that this particular series has the nib specially set in the section, and cannot be unscrewed; this is to ensure that the nib aligns with the center line correctly.) This version of the pen has a screw cap with push posting so you can align the pattern to your preference.


The ballpoint version of this pen utilizes a twist-action mechanism. You twist the top barrel to bring the writing point out, and when you're done you untwist to hide it.




Like all Xezo pens, the Visionary series of pens is backed by a three year warranty. If you encounter a manufacturing defect during the first three years after purchasing the pen, contact us and we will make it right.

You can purchase your Xezo Visionary Red/Black FM pen now on the official Xezo store website, or you can browse the rest of our selection of fine writing instruments.


Have you tried a Xezo Visionary pen? What is your favorite color combination? Let us know what you think! 

Stay safe, and keep on writing!

— The Xezo Team

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