Xezo - Two black ballpoint ink cartridges and a Xezo ACCESSORIES box - Xezo Speedmaster Black SSC-M Ballpoint Refills

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Xezo Speedmaster SSC-M Black Ballpoint Refills - Pack of 2

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2-pack of standard size ballpoint pen cartridges with black ink. German made.
The Xezo Speedmaster SSC-M was designed with a Swiss-made tungsten carbide ball, giving a supremely smooth and even line that varies from very fine to bold depending on the amount of pressure applied.
Ballpoint refills from other brands tend to skip when less writing pressure is used, but the Speedmaster SSC-M delivers a clear, silky-smooth line with even the lightest touch— making it perfect for artists, students, and on-the-go-writers.

Refill Type: Standard-sized medium stroke ballpoint refill (fluctuating stroke width from 0.5-0.9 mm). Write-out length 5,000 meters / 16,400 feet / 3.1 miles

Model Name Black SSC-M Ballpoint Refills
Color Black
Pen Type Ballpoint
Refill Size Industry standard-sized ballpoint refill
UPC 850024254237

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