Xezo - Two black rollerball gel ink cartridges and the Xezo ACCESSORIES box - Xezo Speedmaster Black 917 FM Rollerball Refills

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Xezo Speedmaster 917 FM Black Rollerball Refills - Pack of 2

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2-pack of Xezo Speedmaster 917 FM rollerball pen refills. Black ink. Medium point. German-made. Writing point is 0.7 mm, featuring a stainless steel rolling ball. The approximate writing length of each refill is 1,000 meters (3,280 ft / 0.62 mi).

Refill Length: 112.7 mm (11.27 cm / 4.43 in). Diameter: 6.2 mm (0.62 cm / 0.24 in). Shelf life is approximately 2-3 years, but can can vary depending on the temperature and moisture of storing. Avoid extreme heat or extreme cold.

Model Name Black 917 FM Rollerball Refills
Color Black
Pen Type Rollerball
Refill Size Industry standard-sized rollerball refill
UPC 850024254244

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