Xezo Visionary™

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Xezo Visionary™

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The Xezo Visionary™ pen has a tapered brass body and chrome-plated aluminum fittings. Aluminum used on metal parts provides a lightweight feel, and these combined with brass barrels offer superior handling and balanced writing. This Xezo pen model has the aesthetics of a substantially-sized pen while keeping lightweight and not top-heavy, which is important for writing. This ballpoint pen uses a twist-action mechanism; just turn the upper barrel, and the ballpoint tip will extend for writing.

Thanks to a proprietary technology and a unique design, the Xezo Visionary™ pen features different color combinations that face each other divided by an axis. These color combinations appear on different sides of the pen each time the twist mechanism is engaged.

The pen colors are split symmetrically by a shimmering chrome line, with each side of the pen hand-painted in red and aspen yellow colors. A translucent lacquer is applied for extra shine and to protect the colors and surface. Please note that this is an entirely handmade pen. As a result of the multi-step hand painting and polishing process, the colors on the pen may show very slight variations.

Every pen of this model is produced in a limited edition of only 500 pieces, and each pen is engraved with a serial number.

The combination of our proprietary technology, 2 years of trial and error, and the perseverance of our fantastic design and engineering team produced a writing instrument that has not been done in the industry before. This is why we believe that this pen can be rightfully called a one-of-a-kind Visionary.

Model Name Visionary Aspen/Red B
UPC 850024254138
Line Width Medium (0.7 mm)
Body Solid brass body with a unique split-colored finish
Features Twist action ballpoint pen.
Unique, hand-painted bicolor finish that flips sides depending on whether the pen is twisted or untwisted.
Shiny chrome line splits the design symmetrically.
Fittings Chrome-plated aluminum
Diameter 14 mm
Length 144 mm / 5.67 in
Weight 51 g / 1.8 oz
Packaging Gift box, pouch, 1 extra ballpoint cartridge, certificates, and 3-year warranty card
Refills Xezo Ballpoint Cartridges
Warranty Every Xezo writing instrument is guaranteed against all defects in workmanship and parts for 3 years from date of sale. Additional 2-year and 4-year warranty coverage plans can be purchased separately from Xezo.

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