Incognito Sunstone B

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Incognito Sunstone B

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The Incognito series of pens was created with the goal to produce a quality, weight-balanced luxury pen with a comfortable grip. The weight distribution of the pen’s body was designed to allow for the friction to be minimized at the tip of the pen. This series is produced in limited edition and each pen is individually numbered by engraving. Each pen is produced with .999 platinum-plated fittings, and the body is made of solid brass with diamond cut engraving. The ball pen features twist functionality, and the parts, including the refill, are German-made. The colored finish of the pen utilizes a multi-layer high-gloss lacquering technique. After each layer of the lacquer is applied, the barrels of the pen are heat-dried and then manually polished. Lastly, multiple layers of clear translucent coating are applied to the body. The end result of these processes is a finish with a multitude of depth and hues, which even change slightly depending on the lighting. All paints and lacquers for these series are made in Japan. Each pen uses German-made parts. Quality inspection and additional assembly performed in US.

Model Name Incognito Sunstone B
UPC 860004330110
Line Width Medium
Body Solid brass with a multi-layer, glossy Oregon sunstone-colored lacquer
Features .999 platinum-plated fittings
Weight-balanced with a comfortable grip
Glossy copper orange lacquer reminiscent of the Oregon sunstone
Fittings .999 platinum-plated brass
Diameter 11 mm / 0.43 in
Length 138 mm / 5.43 in
Weight 43 g / 1.52 oz
Packaging Gift box, pen pouch, 1 extra refill, certificate, and 3-year warranty card
Warranty Every Xezo writing instrument is guaranteed against all defects in workmanship and parts for 3 years from date of sale. Additional 2-year and 4-year warranty coverage plans can be purchased separately from Xezo.

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